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Create interactive and exciting events

We combine digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement for visitors, create stronger brand recognition and gain better insight through real-time behavioural data.



how it works

A complete event solution

It all starts with registration and ticketing. A web-based, enterprise-wide application, Visit enables you to personalise the online experience for your visitors. Visit lets you, the event organiser, interact with your visitors using ‘go viral’ tools, before doors have even opened.

During your event, each visitor is given a Poken interactive USB smart device, letting them share contact details, engage with spaces and collect content via NFC-enabled touchpoints. Touching two Poken together will elicit a green glow, adding a tangible element to the sharing of two attendees’ data. As an organiser, you’ll also be able to share digital content with your visitors using the Poken interactive USB.

Engagement continues post-event, with attendees able to log into a customised online attendee portal, which shows exactly who they met and what content they collected.


Drive engagement through gamification

Incentivise your visitors’ behaviour by adding a game element to your event. Use the Poken smart device and touchpoints to create objectives for your visitors— such as networking, visiting sponsor stands, attending sessions or collecting corporate collateral. This makes interacting with every inch of the space an integral part of your event.

Enable session check-ins and access control

The Poken smart device tracks visitors to key events in real-time, monitors session traffic and controls access to VIP areas.



Let your visitors take an active role in their participation. Social media broadcasts their interest in your exhibition, letting your visitors engage with their peers and register to attend through a personalised registration system.

Inside the event, your visitors can create their own digital briefcase of contacts, exhibitors and content they’ve interacted with — not only making their experience seamless, but also helping you better understand their behaviour and footsteps.

Visitors gain

  • More engaging event experiences through heightened interaction and gamification

  • More opportunities to network with their peers and colleagues

  • Easier content collection, leading to better insight and education

  • A full digital experience, unburdened by heavy brochures and corporate collateral

Exhibitors and sponsors

As visitors engage with your event’s content in new and engaging ways, your sponsors and exhibitors will gain heightened brand awareness, ROI and increased sales opportunities.

Exhibitors and sponsors gain

  • Increased and more engaged brand awareness

  • Interaction with sales and marketing content

  • Greater knowledge and familiarity of market trends and consumer behaviour

  • An opt-in lead generation



Using our end-to-end solution, you, the organiser, will positively drive each stage of your event, from pre-, during and post-event. Using the latest SaaS and excellence in customer service, we give you access to the latest in event registration and event intelligence software — equipping you with more insight, greater customer experiences and considerable cost savings.

What you can gain

  • The combination of physical and digital event spaces using a unique mix of hardware and software elements

  • A tangible element of excitement through networking and interaction that incorporates a physical form factor

  • An increased event lifecycle that includes pre, during and post-event engagement. Visitors and exhibitors alike can log into a customised portal before your event, use the Poken smart devices during your event and view their details on the same portal afterwards

  • The ability to drive behaviours by defining and tracking attendees’ objectives

  • Qualified metrics based on behaviour, interaction that extends across multiple events and richer insight into attendee behaviour and ROI

  • A customisable and manageable experience through event communications, session tracking and exhibitor content management

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Poken modules

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